Denver court reporters, Hunter + Geist, Inc., continually reviews, updates and evolves our extensive service offerings to ensure we continue to keep pace with changing technologies and client needs. When it comes to customer service, we are unparalleled in our thinking that everyone needs everything yesterday. We know the pressures and stress involved in the litigation world, and we do everything we can to meet their demands.

Click, email, or call today. We can assist you with court reporters in Denver and in other locations throughout Colorado. We can also schedule all of your nationwide depositions. One call. We can do it all!


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VIDEOGRAPHY (HD and Continuous Run):                             
To ensure the highest quality videotape product, Hunter + Geist's videographers use HD digital equipment. No longer will you have to be interrupted during a deposition to change tapes or other legacy media. With our state-of-the-art video equipment, we can offer continuous run videotaping. We also offer a new cutting-edge technology that allows our clients to capture on the video record both a deponent as well as the exhibits being introduced.


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With our E-tronic Deposition Technology and using interactive monitor screens, you not only capture the electronic exhibits into the video record but you also capture in realtime the highlighting and annotating of those same exhibits.
Global Deposition Scheduling

Hunter + Geist, Inc., can schedule and coordinate all of your out-of-state depositions. This allows you the reassurance that you are getting top-notch court reporters for your depositions outside of your hometown. Let our experience be your guide.

Realtime on iPad

REALTIME ON THE iPAD:                                 
Hunter + Geist's realtime services are available on a variety of devices: iPad, iPhone, laptop, Mac. We offer remote realtime technologies as well. For your convenience, we provide iPads and Laptops for use during depositions.

Web Conferencing and Text Streaming

REMOTE DEPOSITION STREAMING:                                 
Remotely attend a deposition or meeting from any geographic location with our online deposition streaming technologies. Our IT staff will take care of everything.

Searchable Exhibits

OCR'd EXHIBITS:                           
All exhibits are provided to our clients OCR'd. Exhibits that have been OCR'd become searchable documents.


Software Downloads

SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS:                             
Click here to download Acrobat Reader, e-transcript Viewer, CaseViewNet, and/or Bridge.

Lunch and Learns

Are you keeping up with current deposition technologies? Schedule a lunch and learn with Hunter + Geist so we can show you the advanced technologies and services that attorneys are using to better their deposition experiences.

Multiple Conference Rooms

Our on-site conference rooms are conveniently located in downtown Denver. There is an adjacent parking garage as well as available parking on the street. We strive to provide you with convenience, hospitality, and superior service when you visit the offices at Hunter + Geist. Our firm also offers conference rooms in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Grand Junction. 

Video Conference

Hunter + Geist, Inc., appreciates the value of your time and controlling costs. We believe that a two-hour deposition, interview, or meeting should take... two hours! There is no value in time spent comparing and booking reservations, arriving early to the airport, parking, clearing TSA, baggage fees, hotel costs, et cetera. Hunter + Geist's HD videoconferencing facilities provides an alternative to help you regain valuable time and control costs.

Electronic Exhibits

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exhibeo PAPERLESS DEPOSITIONS:            
Exhibeo takes away the need for paper altogether.
Exhibeo eliminates the need to retrieve, copy and ship paper documents.

Designed for the legal market, Exhibeo shares and marks documents at depositions, arbitrations or mediations.

ShareFile 24/7 REPOSITORY ACCESS:             
Hunter + Geist's HIPAA-compliant, secured ShareFile repository allows our clients 24/7 access to transcripts and exhibits in a case. You can be confident that the data is secure, compliant, and is available 24/7 for downloading, printing, or simply viewing.
On-Call Reporters

ON-CALL REPORTERS:                               
Hunter + Geist maintains a court reporter that is on call for those last-minute situations. Not all things go according to a pre-determined schedule and we understand.

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