Internet Realtime

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Internet Realtime is the same service as realtime reporting but the feed is transmitted securely over the internet. After logistically setting up secure usernames and passwords, the realtime feed is available to anyone in the world with an internet access. With internet realtime, people are able to send messages back and forth during the deposition or proceedings. In order to receive the realtime feed over the internet, there are two companies court reporting firms work with for this service.

Courtroom Connect / Remote Counsel - Our clients have the capablility of receiving the testimony through a web-based application or "ANY" realtime software they currently have loaded on their computer. This also includes all free realtime software available. Bring your expert into the deposition without having them purchase realtime software.

LiveNote – If the end-user has LiveNote installed on their computer for internet realtime purposes, the client is able to utilize all of LiveNote’s functionality. A client can also participate via a browser-based software if they have not installed the full version of LiveNote.


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