Our Team of Court Reporters, Staff, and Videographers


CRR - Certified Realtime Reporter
FCRR - Federal Certified Realtime Reporter
RPR - Registered Professional Reporter
RMR - Registered Merit Reporter

RDR - Registered Diplomate Reporter
CSR - Certified Shorthand Reporter
CLVS - Certified Legal Video Specialist


............. Hunter + Geist is Denver’s premier full-service court reporting firm. Denver court reporters, Hunter + Geist, Inc., have been serving the legal community for over 30 years. Under the leadership of owner Shelly Hunter, Hunter + Geist has continually been a pioneer in advancing her Denver deposition reporters into the 21st century, integrating and leveraging evolving technologies and employing court reporters with the skills to help you meet the demands of your cases. Shelly's team of 25 reporters are second to none, with 11 holding the esteemed certification of Certified Realtime Reporter..

.............Hunter + Geist, Inc., provides attorneys and paralegals with state-of-the-art litigation and deposition services, which includes case management, court reporting, legal videography, videoconferencing, and web conferencing services in Colorado and around the world. We understand the demands placed on our clients in their day-to-day work, and we provide the necessary tools to be a successful part of a legal team. At Hunter + Geist, we are proud of our outstanding client support. It is our goal to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to work alongside you, and we strive to build on the lasting relationships we’ve developed with our clientele

.............Click, email, or call today. We can assist you with court reporters in Denver and in other locations throughout Colorado. We can also schedule all of your nationwide depositions. One call. We can do it all!


Our Court Reporters

Shelly Hunter - CRR - RPR
31 Years' Experience
  Barbara Birger - CRR - RMR, RPR 40 Years' Experience
  Carin Geist - CRR - RMR, RPR 26 Years' Experience
  Connie Dyke- CRR - RMR, RPR 28 Years' Experience
  Lori Martin - CRR - RMR, RPR 21 Years' Experience
  Rory Joyner - CRR - RPR 17 Years' Experience
  Sandy Bray - CRR - RMR, RDR 31 Years' Experience
  Sherry Wallin - CRR - RMR 37 Years' Experience
  Teresa Coogle - CRR - RPR 30 Years' Experience
  Tracy R. Stonehocker - CRR - RPR 22 Years' Experience
  Tracy Masuga - CRR - RPR 23 Years' Experience
  Wendy C. Heath, CRR, CCP, RPR 33 Years' Experience
  Stacy Armstrong - CM 31 Years' Experience
  Darcy Curtis - RPR, CSR 06 Years' Experience
  Ellie Liebenow - RPR 20 Years' Experience
  Erika Baca - CR 03 Years' Experience
  Gail Obermeyer - RPR 13 Years' Experience
  Jackie Gallo - RPR 28 Years' Experience
  Jennifer Windham - CSR 17 Years' Experience
  Kimberly Smith - RPR 15 Years' Experience
  Kirsten Thorngate - RPR 16 Years' Experience
  Marchelle Hartwig - CSR 20 Years' Experience
  Shannon Clementi - RPR 20 Years' Experience
  Stacy Armstrong - CM 31 Years' Experience
  Tiffany Goulding - RPR 19 Years' Experience
  Tina Stuhr - RPR, CSR 27 Years' Experience

Our Staff

  Shelly Hunter Owner / President
  Dan Phillips C.F.O.
  Kathy Azcuenaga Scheduling Coordinator
  Karen Hardy Scheduling Coordinator
  Roxanne Mathews Scheduling Coordinator
  Daniel Caplan Scheduling Coordinator
  Sean Harte C.T.O. / Production Manager
  Stephanie Costello Client Services Representative
  Christopher Ridenhour Exhibits / Production Assistant
  Aaron Lairamore Production Assistant
  Annie Anderson Production Assistant
  Michelle Adams Production Assistant
  Sharonda LaShay Holmes Production Assistant

Our Videographers

John Jensen
Dustin Lamb
Peter Guinn
Kathy Myers
Bill Myers (1942 through 2015)
Barbara Horn
Dennis Clayton
Jerry DeBoer
Davis Baumunk
Adam Johnston



fax 303.832.9525




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