Hunter + Geist’s HD Videoconferencing and Web Conferencing facilities are state-of-the-art and offer cost-effective alternatives for our busy clients.  When a live visit is not possible, videoconferencing/web conferencing can make face-to-face communication possible.

Our E-tronic Deposition Technology, using interactive monitor screens, can create a picture-in-picture video format that captures the electronic exhibits into the video record in realtime.  You can also capture in realtime the highlighting and annotating of those same exhibits.

Hunter + Geist’s HIPAA-compliant, secured ShareFile repository allows our clients 24/7 access to transcripts and exhibits in a case. We understand the confidential nature of your cases; therefore, management and storage of all data occurs internally under our direct control.

Hunter + Geist’s main office is in downtown Denver.  We have complimentary conference rooms in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.   We will do everything we can to ensure you have what you need to work as effectively and efficiently as if you were in your own office.

Hunter + Geist is Denver’s premier full-service court reporting firm. Denver court reporters, Hunter + Geist, Inc., have been serving the legal community for over 30 years. Under the leadership of owner Shelly Hunter, Hunter + Geist has continually been a pioneer in advancing her Denver deposition reporters into the 21st century, integrating and leveraging evolving technologies and employing court reporters with the skills to help you meet the demands of your cases. Shelly’s team of 24 reporters are second to none, with 10 holding the esteemed certification of Certified Realtime Reporter.

Hunter + Geist, Inc., provides attorneys and paralegals with state-of-the-art litigation and deposition services, which includes case management, court reporting, legal videography, videoconferencing, and web conferencing services in Colorado and around the world. We understand the demands placed on our clients in their day-to-day work, and we provide the necessary tools to be a successful part of a legal team. At Hunter + Geist, we are proud of our outstanding client support. It is our goal to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to work alongside you, and we strive to build on the lasting relationships we’ve developed with our clientele.

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