What people are saying about Hunter + Geist, Inc.

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Levin Sitcoff – Attorneys at Law

  • “Our firm has used H+G exclusively for depositions locally and throughout the United States for nearly 10 years. They are fantastic. The ability to accommodate our needs in the most remote locations (often with minimal lead time) is second to none. The work product that H+G produces is top quality. Their staff and reporters demonstrate the utmost professionalism in doing their jobs. If you are looking for a court reporting firm you must try H+G. They will not disappoint.”

Aaron Bradford – Owner of Bradford, Ltd.

  • “We use Hunter Geist, Inc exclusively for all depositions both in Colorado on outside the state. The reporters are simply fantastic, with rapid and accurate turn around times. They are pleasant and professional and never fail to keep up with the pace of a deposition. I cannot recommend them highly enough. As a final note, HG has been a lead sponsor of a cycling team that supports pediatric oncology care and research at Colorado Children’s Hospital. Their support has resulted in nearly $4 million raised in the effort. While unrelated to the quality of their product and service, this fact speaks to the quality of their hearts.”

Shona Spencer – Paralegal at Reddick Moss, PLLC

  • “We have been using Hunter + Geist for more than 7 years. We have depositions all across the US and they go the extra mile to ensure everything goes off without a hiccup. I recommend them every chance I get. The quality of their final product, friendly staff, and flexibility are exceeded by no other, and if I ever find myself in a jam, I know that I can count on them to work with me as needed. Great agency made up of many talented individuals.”

Jeanette Scott – Legal Assistant at Messner Reeves, LLC

  • “I have worked with HG for years and I receive nothing but top notch service from everyone at HG! I can’t say enough good things about the service and staff. They are my Go-To for every deposition. They go over and beyond just scheduling and they make it their priority to make sure our people are happy and well taken care of.”

Debra Hindin-King – Paralegal at Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell, LLP

  • “Hunter + Geist provides reliable and exceptional quality service through the use of cutting edge technology including their user friendly Web site to schedule a reporter and videographer. All of the reporters with whom I have worked are professional and responsive. I highly recommend Hunter + Geist for any reporting and videography needs.”

Diana M. Poole – Executive Director, Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado

  • “Hunter & Geist is the best.  In addition to providing first-rate, state-of-the-art court reporting services, it is the only vendor in the legal community that consistently supports Legal Aid, and at the highest leadership level.  Hand in hand with the legal community, Hunter & Geist not only provides outstanding services, but it helps Colorado deliver on American’s most fundamental promise to its citizens – justice for all.”

Lori Seals – Paralegal, The Spence Law Firm, LLC

  • “I have used Hunter & Geist exclusively for depos in Colorado for over ten years. They are the only Court Reporters I will use in that area. I have always received excellent service from them. The reporters are fantastic, the transcripts are perfect and always sent promptly in any format I desire. The entire office is always willing to go above and beyond any expectations to make sure you get the services you need. My recommendations for Hunter & Geist are the highest I could give. They are, simply, the BEST. “

Rhidian D.W. Orr – Owner, The Orr Law Firm, LLC

  • “I have been very happy with the service, punctuality and professionalism of all the reporters we have used from Hunter and Geist. I strongly recommend them.”

Kenzo Kawanabe – Partner at Davis Graham & Stubbs, LLP

  • “The Lobato v. State case was a historic constitutional case challenging the public education finance system. I managed a team of volunteer attorneys from various law firms to represent the plaintiff school districts and children. Over approximately 5 months, Hunter + Geist handled nearly 200 depositions with over 7,000 exhibits. From scheduling depositions to meeting transcript deadlines to providing top notch service, Hunter + Geist excelled on every level. The numerous depositions were often double-tracked, with depositions taking place across the nation. After discovery, both Plaintiffs’ counsel and the Attorney General’s Office agreed to use Hunter + Geist to handle the five-week trial. The Lobato case was monumental and required a court reporting firm that had the expertise, organizational skills, and professionalism to handle the large volumes of depositions and exhibits. Hunter + Geist met and exceeded those expectations. They are my go-to court reporters.”

Teresa Seymour, Esq. – Partner at Jones Waters Geislinger & Seymour, LLC

  • “I believe every one of Hunter + Geist’s reporters, not to mention the marketing and office administration, are fabulous. I always enjoy working with your firm. Your firm’s professionalism and talent are superior!”

Paul Bryon, Esq. – Partner at Overchuck & Byron, P.A.

  • “We truly enjoyed working with your firm on the ten-day trial you covered for us in Adams County District Court. The two court reporters were a pleasure to deal with and performed their duties in an outstanding manner. I am a notoriously fast talker, and they both kept up with me while maintaining their sense of humor. Should we find ourselves back in Colorado, we will be certain to call Hunter + Geist.”

Joseph Kiel, Esq. – Managing Partner at Kiel & Trueax, LLC

  • “Since the inception of our firm, we have used Hunter + Geist, Inc. exclusively to handle all of our deposition needs. They have performed flawlessly and with competence in the standard areas of transcription and videotaping.
    Recently, however, the nature of our practice has required the videotaping of the discovery depositions of a number of experts in locales throughout the United States. On each occasion, we have simply called Hunter & Geist and asked them to arrange a court reporter and videotaping. Without fail, each deposition has proceeded with able court reporters, skilled videographers, and in superb conference facilities. On occasion, we have asked Hunter & Geist to set up a videoconferenced deposition when travel to another location was not feasible. I suspect that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes contacts and work involved in setting up these depositions, but I just want to know that when I fly into a foreign jurisdiction or when I sit down at the conference room table for the videoconferenced deposition, I can depend on my deposition proceeding without a hitch. I have never been disappointed. I never worry whether a court reporter will show up. I never worry whether I will have a competent reporter. I never worry about the competence of the technician setting up the videoconference. If Hunter + Geist has set it up, I know matters will proceed just as smoothly as if the deposition were being taken in my office.

    My thanks to a superb team of professionals.”

Philip L. Gordon, Esq. – Shareholder at Littler Mendelson, P.C.

  • “I have used Hunter + Geist’s real-time court reporters for depositions and court proceedings continuously since 1994. Because I am a hearing-impaired litigator, I rely heavily on the real-time transcripts and need it to be flawless. Hunter + Geist’s real-time reporters consistently meet that standard. In fact, I have used real-time court reporters throughout the United States over the past fifteen years and rarely receive the level of real-time reporting that Hunter + Geist provides. I use Hunter + Geist not only because of its reporters’ top-notch ability, but also because the firm consistently provides highly responsive, extremely professional, and very friendly service. I would put Hunter + Geist at the top of my list for any litigator looking for a court reporter in Denver.”

Kathy M. Taylor, RP – Senior Litigation Paralegal at Bryan Cave, LLP

  • “In my 25+ years as a litigation paralegal, I have worked with many court reporting firms. What I find unique about Hunter + Geist is their genuine interest in customer service. Their transcripts are flawless and their technical support is exceptional. They always follow-up after the deposition has been delivered to make sure that the transcript is correct and that the transcript is in the format requested. I highly recommend their services and I know you will be very pleased with the service you receive.”

Donna Richard – Schick & Copeland, LLP

  • “I really cannot tell you what an easy thing this has been for me working with you guys. I know you probably think every court reporting service gives this type of service but you are very wrong. You guys are top notch and I have every intention of emailing the man that recommended you guys and telling him he gave us an excellent group to work with. I know these were long and difficult depositions for your court reporter and the turnaround was just wonderful. Please tell everyone involved how much we appreciate you guys and the work product we received. If we have depos in Denver again, please know we will be calling on you again.”