Ethics – The Importance of Being Earnest

As reporters, we are bound by a code.  This code makes certain that you, our clients, will receive consistently ethical, professional services. It also ensures that we, the reporters, are providing not just words on a page but are upholding standards and ideals that reflect upon the profession of law as a whole.

This code we adhere to is not ambiguous. As members of both the National Court Reporters Association and the Colorado Court Reporters Association, the reporters of Hunter + Geist have precise professional standards and codes of conduct that bind us to our personal belief that ethics matter.

In addition, as a proud participant of the National Court Reporting Association’s Ethics First program, Hunter + Geist goes above and beyond to bring you an atmosphere of unquestionable integrity, transparency, and impartiality – all while providing you with a level of service that is simply unmatched.

The standards we hold here at Hunter + Geist affirm an uncomplicated truth: Your clients expect the best from you, and you have the right to expect the best from us.

Did you know? Among other professional obligations, the responsible and ethical reporter must:

  • Be fair and impartial toward all participants in a proceeding, and always offer to provide the same services to all parties
  • Preserve confidentiality
  • Disclose conflicts of interest or the potential appearance of conflict of interest
  • Guard against both the fact or appearance of impropriety
  • Limit all client gifting to the monetary value defined in the NCRA guidelines, and never offer anything in exchange for future work, regardless of its value
  • Maintain the integrity of the reporting profession
  • Abide by the NCRA Constitution & Bylaws

What should you expect from the reporters you work with? For more information about the NCRA Code of Professional Ethics, visit the NCRA at For more information about our reporters and staff, visit us at