HD Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing technology allows two or more people at different locations to see and hear each other in realtime.  The rich communications technology of videoconferencing offers an excellent alternative for legal professionals in need of out-of-town meetings, collaborations, depositions, and trial preparation.  When a live visit is not possible, HD videoconferencing makes face-to-face visits possible and cost-effective.

Remote Web Conferencing

When a videoconference location is not available or the cost of a videoconference is simply too high, Zoom web conferencing is a very popular alternative.  Using a Computer, Webcam, and Microphone, Hunter + Geist can stream the deposition to persons in remote locations using specialized hardware and the internet.  Hunter + Geist sets up a session for the remote web conference.  Participants receive an e-mail containing a secure link to join.  Joining the Zoom session is truly a click away.

What about exhibits?   With our web conferencing product, one or all parties can share documents remotely.  It is as simple as opening the document on a computer and sharing that screen with all participants.   All participants see the document on the big screen and the smaller screen displays the remote attendees.