HD Videography

To ensure the highest quality video product, Hunter + Geist’s videographers use HD digital equipment.  Our videographers show up to the job site one hour early to set up and do quality control checks of all of our equipment.   This is done to ensure the video recording is trouble-free.  We are able to provide video in all standard formats.

E-tronic Deposition Technology

Our E-tronic Deposition Technology, using interactive monitor screens, can create a picture-in-picture video format that captures the electronic documents into the video record in realtime.  You can also capture in realtime the highlighting and annotating of those same exhibits.  This technology is not limited to simply .pdf documents.  You can show spreadsheets, photographs, or play a video.  All formats can be captured into the video picture-in-picture recording.  Schedule your E-tronic Deposition today!

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Continuous Run Videography

No longer will you have to be interrupted during a deposition to change tapes or other legacy media.  With our state-of-the-art video equipment, we can offer continuous run videography.  Not all depositions are recorded in this format so please make sure to request continuous run when scheduling.

Video-Text Synchronization

Having digital video synchronized with the transcript, legal professionals now have the ability to quickly access, edit, and present video deposition clips with little to no computer expertise.  We are able to synchronize the video and text in whatever format a law firm requires.