Realtime is a service court reporters provide which enables a lawyer to see the testimony on his or her computer or iPad as it is spoken.  Through the use of a router, wifi, or a cableless dongle which the court reporter provides, the court reporter’s computer is hooked up to the attorney’s computer.  The lawyer is able to receive the text and view the testimony as it is written.  If the attorney has CaseViewNet or Case Notebook loaded on their computer, the attorney is able to annotate text, make quickmarks, write notes, and do complex word searches, all while the deposition is taking place.

Hunter + Geist can provide browser-based realtime services to the following devices:  iPad, iPhone, laptop, Mac, PC.  If you do not want to use your own laptop or iPad for realtime purposes, just let us know.  We can provide an iPad or laptop for you to use during your trial or deposition.

Remote Realtime

Remote Realtime is similar to the realtime service listed above except it enables a person who is remote (in another office or across the country) to receive the realtime feed securely over the Internet.